Speed-Tactics 990


ProActive Foam Construction – To absorb vibration and strengthening the frame with solid and comfortable feel.

Box and Aero Frame – Combination of solid hitting feel and quick swing with low wind resistance.

T-Throat – To minimize racket tension and maximize frame and shaft stability while enhanced attacking power. Therefore, it will increased shuttlecocks velocity and improve accuracy of shuttle direction.

Ultra Slim Shaft – Vastly reduces air resistance whilst providing maximum feel.

Japan Toray 30 T Hi-Modulus Graphite – High compressive strength with maximum tension up to 35 lbs.

Isometric Head – Widen sweet spots for accurate shots.

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Weight 1250 g


  • ConstructionJapan Toray 30T High Modulus Graphite + Aero Hybrid Resin + Zylon + ProActive Foam
  • Length (mm)675
  • Shaft FlexibilityRegular Flex
  • WeightTBC
  • FrameCombination of Aero & Box Frame with Gravity Ejection System
  • Balance285 (+/-3mm)
  • Grommet System76 holes
  • Recommended Tension26 - 28 (+/-2 lbs)
  • Shaft Diameter (mm)Ultra Slim Shaft Technology
  • Max Tension35 lbs
  • Grip Size4U-G2
  • RecommendedPower, Defend & Control
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