Compression Calf Support


Protech Compression Calf Support, are made for athlete who wants the benefits of lower leg compression to help with endurance and add another level of protection against injury. The support/sleeves are part of the CEP line of graduated compression socks that vary their level of compression to stimulate blood flow to all of the major muscle groups in the lower leg.

This in turn gives you the option to slip on your favorite running socks while you train, while benefiting from the stimulating effects of compression. While many other athletes support/sleeves have a uniform compression along the leg, the Protech Compression Calf Support change their compression to match the shape of the leg.

Don’t let the idea of compression support make you think the products are only to help people with circulation issues, these support/sleeves are designed to enhanced athletic performance, particular for the endurance runner or athletics  whose legs can cramp and stagnate after pounding for extended periods of time. The Protech Compression Calf Support dampen the muscle vibration every stride and stave off the effects of fatigue and swelling. User’s have often raved about their help in healing shin splints, aiding muscle recovery time, and keeping their confidence up during a game or a race.

Its contain antibacterial, odor-reducing silver ions to keep feet feeling fresh. The support/sleeves pull up stopping just below the knee and have a comfortable band at the top to keep them securely in place.

Protech Compression Calf Support Features & Benefits
Stimulate blood flow.
Reduced lower legs fatigue.
Include silver ions to help eliminate odors.

S, M & L

Size Chart Reference (inch)
S – 10′-14′
M – 11.5′-15.5′
L – 13′-17′

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Weight 600 g
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